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Executive Bob Bowcock

Bob Bowcock

CTO & Visionary

Bob is “Mr Water USA”, with a pedigree in that sector which is unparalleled.

With a deep and profoundly holistic understanding of the water eco-system, his unique interpretation of how the complex problems which face the USA environmentally and in human health are of the very highest value to society.

Understanding the provenance and interdependencies of problems is the first and most important step in solving them.

Bob has been at the cutting edge of raising awareness about environmental threats with his friend Erin Brockovich, and more recently has been instrumental in ringing the alarm about PFAS (“forever chemicals”) on Capitol Hill.

Most significantly, Bob has joined up thinking regarding the mutuality of threats posed in water, air and surfaces in the built environment, and how we can treat the massive problems created by sewage in the natural environment using modern technologies

He has worked for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (1982-87), and as a U.S. Army Civil Affairs Team Leader designed and constructed water treatment and distribution systems for various federal branches of government in Southeast Asia and South America.

Bob has been appointed to serve on several Watermaster Boards by California Superior Courts since 1990. He is a licensed California Grade V Water Treatment Operator and maintains various other water industry licenses. He routinely provides expert witness work to legal firms in the specific area of water resource management.

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