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An important aspect of our work is to  provide sanctuaries in the built environment – establishing protected buildings which comfort individuals when they are at work, leisure, home, educational, care, hospital or military space, knowing that they will be sheltered from the climate events happening outside.

The feeling of being protected and comforted are arguably the most important individual and collective human desires.

Without that primaeval yearning being satisfied, optimism about the future of the human species cannot be sustained, and the requisite systemic changes in organisational and individual behaviour needed to enable the planet to recover will not be achieved. Many sociologists, psychologists  and philosophers argue that without the soothing effect of a safe harbour it's impossible to make good, high-quality decisions, and that accurate and intelligent decisions are the most fundamental requirement we have for our survival. Compounding bad new decisions upon historic poor decisions, to address climate change will accelerate us into further environmental problems.

Aerem Group aspire to facilitating good decision making by encouraging decision makers to adopt the best available technologies and processes.

We are also proud to create healthy environments for the military in the USA and the UK to help preserve their abilities to conduct their mission.

We have gathered solutions which can enable organisations to move fast to make positive impact now, and at the same time provide the collective sanctuary we must create.

 Professor Tara Moore team member



Glendon E. Austin team member
Andrew Larner team member
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