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Abstract Water


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Dramatically reduces pollution and improves water quality on a remarkable scale, by engaging environmentally friendly microbial solutions which consume human waste, agricultural waste, and pollution.


Proven ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance) impact Associated cost savings impact of up to 50%

Staggering water usage reduction (>95%) plus associated energy and carbon emissions.


Winner of the Lloyds Banking Group Sustainability Innovation Competition 2022

Deployed by Sodexo and other FM groups

World class multidisciplinary science and engineering team

Customers include:

•Ministry of Defense (MoD) UK •Amazon

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The only sustainable pipe solution which, conditions potable water naturally without, filters, chemicals, or sacrificial anodes. Using zero energy, IOREX optimises PH elongating the life of pipes, improving water quality, and saving energy. It does not require ongoing maintenance.


Has a 2-3 year ROI from operational and energy savings. Reduces and can even eliminate the need for certain chemical treatment in water. Will remove existing and prevent the formation of scale build up


- Declared certified by the International Future Living Institute

- 200+ successful installations and independently verified results

- 25 year warranty

- A valuable LEED Certified tool for water, energy, atmosphere, innovation, & integrated design process

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