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The Aerem Group team are unified by a simple mission.
We want to preserve and improve the quality of life for humanity.


We are a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in Medicine, Hospital Management, Wellness, Social Care, Academia, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Architecture, Facilities Management, Energy, Climate Change, Procurement, and the Military.


Together we have advised national and local Governments at pivotal moments in recent history, as individual practioners within boutique consultancies and as executives within the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the National Health Service the Department of Defense, the Ministry of Defence and the White House.


We have coalesced as a group to leverage our social and planetary impact. A core belief is that we must form partnerships to enrich and accelerate the systemic changes that are required, and we welcome the opportunity to do this with organisations in the Global South, and with underserved communities in the USA.  In the future, only socially transformative businesses will be sustainable as investors and consumers become the final arbiters in the quest for eco-justice.  


A sustainable business has its foundations in the integration of social, scientific and technical knowledge, and our team blends military discipline, academic insight and entrepreneurial spirit to deliver our mission – improving our lives in the natural and the built environment.

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