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Executive Andrew Larner

Dr Andrew Larner


Andrew is an acclaimed transformation expert not just in the UK but internationally, who has worked with over 20 Governments around the world to solve big societal problems. Andrew has successfully designed and delivered some of the most complex Public Sector programmes at times of crisis which often have had to bridge acute political and cultural divides to achieve success.

​He designed the system of modern land ownership legal frameworks at the fall of the Berlin wall; reformed and redesigned Local Government in Northern Ireland; worked with President Mandela to build infrastructure for the townships in South Africa and prevented Public Sector property value in the UK falling into the abyss during the last financial crisis.

​Andrew's specialty has been the identification of best-of-breed solutions from around the world and then adapting and applying them at a local level.

​This year (2022) he was the Chairman of the judging panel at the globally prestigious Annual Government Innovation Awards in Dubai.

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