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Gareth Hughes

Gareth’s career in environmental and sustainable finance spans several decades, marked by his visionary leadership and impactful contributions. As the Chairman and Chief Executive of Advanced Bacterial Sciences since 2019, he continues to drive innovation in the field of sustainable solutions. Gareth’s earlier ventures, including founding Beetle Capital, a Natural Capital Advisory firm and co-founding Climate Change Capital, an early mover in Environmental Asset Management, are testament to his commitment to addressing climate challenges and raising substantial funds for these endeavours. His earlier role as a Managing Director at Marsh & McLennan established his reputation as a pioneer in integrated risk management and climate change initiatives. Gareth’s unwavering dedication as a global citizen and his emphasis on not only the urgency of change but also its tangible returns make him a true thought leader in the fight against climate change, pollution and bio-diversity loss. His work serves as an inspiring example of how sustainable practices and financial success can coexist for the benefit of both humanity and the planet.

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