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Executive John Gotley

John Gotley


For many years John was at the vanguard of reimagining the modern workspace globally with a particular focus on call centre environments. His business has hosted some of the largest blue-chip corporations attracting these companies with a flexible business model which is both ideal and attractive to hybrid working practices. He was facilitating flexible working years before Covid 19 forced millions to work predominantly from home.

​His focus is to demonstrate the ROI which makes the choice to put employee wellbeing as the number 1 priority on the corporate agenda –it then becomes an easy decision to make the investment in the technologies we promote. John has become a champion of pure air in the built environment. He ensures that the financial and operational aspects of deploying technologies to deliver a pristine environment are aligned to guarantee a persuasive business case.

​John has experience in fast-moving businesses that wish to engage in transformational change where his ability to make high-quality and low-risk decisions and be a positive team player, has been highly regarded.

His world view is shaped by working extensively in the UK and Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, and America.

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