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 Executive Professor Tara Moore

Professor Tara Moore

Personalised Medicine

Professor Tara Moore BSc (First Class Hons), PhD, NTF, FHEA, FFFLM (Hon), FRSA, FRSB, FRSM is the Head of Personalized Medicine at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.

During the pandemic due to her research background in virology and immunology, Tara had taken the lead on numerous clinical evaluations and user experience studies of point of care SARs CoV-2 viral antigen rapid tests and antibody assays to allow them to reach the market.

She is a Fellow of Royal Society of Biology, UK, Royal Society of Arts, UK, Royal Society of Medicine, UK and Honorary Fellow of Royal College of Physicians (London) FRCP, FFLM. She is also expert reviewer for numerous peer reviewed journals and editor/academic editor for a number of the top peer reviewed journals

​She is one of the most respected global experts on COVID-19, regularly evaluating the plethora of tests for the World Health Organization (WHO), the UK Government, and South Korean, American and UK companies.

​Professor Moore is a pragmatic voice on the risks posed by large-scale public health threats, balancing medical, pastoral and financial criteria to assist decision-makers in their difficult choices. The spectrum of medical and scientific opinion has often led to conflicting policies around the world, and indecisiveness and “U” turns have been commonplace. Throughout, Tara has been a voice of calm and reason on the biggest decisions on public health in a century, and she has undoubtedly saved many lives as a result.

​Her broad academic and technology interests make her an invaluable source of opinion for any Government or private sector organization concerned with the health and wellness of its constituents.

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